AWS Integration


Manage any Amazon S3 storage containing docs, images, and videos.

Collaborate across your S3 assets with Critique’s award-winning interface, on your phone, tablet, browser or AppleTV

Use Critique features directly on the S3 assets, including Critique Sync for seamless experience even when not connected to the Internet


Security - DRM for All


Encrypted video, documents, images, and audio, at rest, in transit.

Use two-factor log-in, SSO, and watermarking. Or don’t use two-factor log-in, SSO, and watermarking

Prevent users from taking a screen grab.


Metadata Matters - Extensible Benefits


Leverage rich production and post metadata through Critique’s analysis, visualization, and customization services

Create and deliver statistical metadata that informs and improves your production’s creative and logistical process

Integrate metadata from various media sources and mine the objective and subjective metadata most useful to you


Critique Sync™ - Collaboration On the Go


Download encrypted media to any device. In offline mode, review, comment and annotate on a plane, subway, or in the jungle

Regain internet connection, all notes automatically sync to Critique cloud for all to see

Allow assistant or administrator to localize and sync content to your device when you’re sleeping. Content is ready when you wake up


The Greatest Player - Frame Accurate, With Playlisting



See immersive, full-screen, reliable playback and move with frame by frame precision  

Enjoy the best adaptive bit-rate streaming experience at home, office, or on the run

Customize player controls for using and buttons and gestures on phone and tablet


VIP Support - White-Glove Service


Access round the clock to 24/7 enterprise level support and service with a toll-free number

Access technicians and post-production experts to resolve issues quickly

Engage our media consultants to customize your production and post workflow